音楽協力/ Music cooperation/ Sounds: 作曲・制作  紙田 聡 Composition and production: Satoshi Kamita
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紙田 彰による 詩的絵画の試み Attempt of poetic painting by Akira Kamita 「超ひも理論」シリーズ "Superstring theory" Series
紙田 彰19th「宇宙論の造形」 Akira Kamita19th "Forming of cosmology"

'07.5.7-12 11:30-19:00 (最終日は16:00まで) (The final day to 16:00)
[ 京橋・小野ギャラリー ] 企画 [Project of Ono gallery, Kyobashi, Tokyo]

[展示作品][Exhibition work ]

Poetic art by KAMITA, Akira
協力: (株)クサカベ、東洋クロス(株) Cooperation: Ltd.Kusakabe, Toyo Cloth Ltd.

原初性(ブリミティビティ)の奪回!Recapture primitivity!!

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Akira Kamita The 19th Exhibition
「超ひも理論」シリーズ "Superstring theory" Series
紙田 彰19th「宇宙論の造形」 Akira Kamita19th "Forming of cosmology"

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Uncertainty Principle 1 - 4, oil on canvas, M6, 41.0 × 24.2cm
Title is "Uncertainty principle" of quantum theory.
After mixing the resin into the powder of carbon black, I painted it many times on the canvas, and polished with the cloth, put out the gloss like the silk. Before that, I scattered the color point of acrylic paint in the foundation.
The figure seen shape of S character is the substance which represents phase transition, and is itself the string. Silver is based color, but with increasing the figure it makes the variation of changing the erosion by using gold. Superposition and uncertainty......
In addition, in the foundation which removed the masking, the faint slit reminds us the double slit experiment of light, and it impresses the world of the quantum.

転移 Transition 1, 2, oil on canvas, P20
 相転移phase transitionとは、ある物質の相が別の姿の相に転ずるということで、超ひも理論の数学ではひもエネルギーで締めつけられた次元空間が別の形態の空間に移行するというものである。
Phase transition means that the phase of a certain substance turns to the phase of another form. In mathematics of super string theory, it is meant that the dimensional space which is tightened by the string energy shifts to the space of another form.
Basically, the dimension is the idealized scale, but "Transfer 1" is the following image. When the space that was born suddenly in the substance is ripped and transfers the phase, the dimension with curvature springs out. Four forces, or four dimensions. The string energy of being about to burst hint the flop transfer. (flop transfer: In Calabi-Yau space that is the geometry of string theory, the transfer restores the ruin of space by converting the phase of space.)
"Transfer 2" is the image of twisting tube and ring with quite different shape, though it looks similar to "Transfer 1". It is not possible to match viewpoints at the same time, but it exists in the position where the same substance differs simultaneously.

反-次元のかたまり The Lump of counter dimension 1, 3, oil on canvas, F3
"String energy" of simple arrangement has tightened the substance and the space. With the side, like the lump of dimension has displayed the one part of substance.
In addition, white flatly image of "anti-dimension" which hidden in the vacuum is a pair of dimension.

CMB(Cosmic Microwave Background) 1, 3, oil on canvas, P3
These are 5 works which designate "Cosmic Microwave Background" as theme.
400,000 years after the big bang, the universe had escaped from plasma state, and had entered the time called "clearing up of the universe". The microwave (photon) that was emitted in the cool transparent space had reached the entire universe, and then, that is the evidence of the big bang and the expansion theory of universe.
The pattern of curved line of strings and the unevenness pattern of grinding the lower stratum are images of photon which was influenced the red shift in consequence of the expansion of universe.
The part where masking was peeled off is concealed dimension, hither of the exposure, and also thither of the exposure.

oil on canvas, F100 × 5, 651.5 × 162.0cm

Super-string Theory


Seeking "liberating impulse of all existence or respective existence" and "cosmological theory what's freedom" on the far side of super string theory.

In this picture a set of five pieces, the minimum is wave motion and vibration of light and string, and the maximum of universe is the big change of space and time.
To express a vibrating string and a huge string with big undulation, hemp and palm ropes and cotton threads were buried in the foundation, and a large amount of oil colors were painted many times, in addition, it was scratched with the needle and the knife, furthermore it was ground with the sandpaper many times.
'Monade'→cell→"the rhythm of body", in other words, a physical act of "liberating impulse" is here. And, it connects directly with forming the 'matière'.
All vibration of strings have encountered to this liberating impulse on the canvas.
I think that universe is deeply related to the rhythm of existence and the rhythm of body.

oil on canvas, F120 × 4, 521.2 ×194.0cm

10-44sec. ―重力の発生 Occurrence of gravity

As for the big work which uses 4 canvases of 521.2×194cm, "10-44 second" is theme. Because that is too small size, it has represented the fearful time size that has transcended the moment.
The trace of cable buried under transverse through all canvases and this 'matière' of swelling paints have displayed the string energy. The beginning of universe which had been tightened with the string generated the gravity in that first period. Then the basic force of universe was born. This work is made from such thinking image.
Force is the respective quantum existence, gravity has the particle image of graviton. Around the big bang, there is an elliptic universe circle which shows the range of the time of universe, and many lumps of infinite form in the foundation of canvas made by masking are the image of multidimensional lump.

Oil on canvas, F6, M6, S3, P6, M8, SM


金色のひも Golden string

次元の始まり Start of dimension

人台と宇宙面 Mannequin and universe sheet

次元のかたまり Lump of dimension 3

次元のかたまり Lump of dimension 6

宇宙音楽 Space music XI

宇宙音楽 Space music VIII

続宇宙音楽 Continuation of space music II

思考パターン Pattern of thinking i

思考パターン Pattern of thinking iv

次元のかたまり 3

紙田 彰




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